What is a hosted voice solution?

If you’ve been paying attention to phone technology, you might have heard the term hosted voice solutions, but what are they and how can they benefit your business?

Hosted voice goes by a number of names including virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX), hosted PBX, cloud telephony and cloud phone system, but whatever you choose to call it, it’s essentially a cloud-based phone system that uses your internet connection to make and receive your phone calls.

Your hosted voice solution looks and feels just like a traditional phone system when you’re at your desk, but it can provide benefits and services that your old phone system never could. You can collaborate better using crystal-clear conference calling, filter background noise using acoustic fence technology, and route unanswered calls directly to colleagues or your mobile phone so you never miss call.

With a hosted voice solution, you have a service provider just like you do for a traditional phone line and they install and maintain the technology for you. Your calls are made and received using VOIP technology and the system uses your same local network and your internet connection. It works in a similar way and uses your router to pass data – in this case voice data – across the internet so you can make and receive your calls. Instead of purchasing a physical telephone system that you need to own and maintain yourself, you effectively purchase a service, outsourcing the management of the system to a specialist provider.

A hosted voice system can lower the burden of maintenance on your own IT team and provide greater flexibility for your whole team and your remote workers if you have them. Agreeing a level of service means you can have fixed costs and peace of mind should things go wrong.

Most hosted voice solutions also do not require an up-front payment or capital investment in hardware. Your costs are encompassed in a single monthly fee driven by your service level including maintenance and repairs when needed, with the ability to scale your system to meet your needs whenever necessary.

The global pandemic in 2020 has taught us that flexibility and the ability to adapt is crucial if our businesses are to survive everything the modern world can throw at us. Hosted voice solutions can help when your business needs to pivot to home-based working or remote working by offering the ability to integrate mobile phones and provide data and analytics on desktop and mobile devices, so your team can be wherever they need to be and still be working as a team.

Whether your business is a handful of people or several hundred-strong, a hosted voice solution could provide the cost reduction, capability and flexibility you need, and you’ll only ever pay for what you use. You can see your usage statistics, letting you adjust your usage and your plan whenever you need to.

Best of all, hosted voice solutions using your internet connection will allow you to keep your existing telephone numbers so your customers and suppliers know exactly how to contact you with no need to change.


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