What does 5G mean for your business?

If you keep up with the latest tech trends, you’ll know that 5G mobile networking is rolling out around the world, offering greater capacity and bandwidth with ultra-low latency. In case you didn’t know, the ultra-low latency is one of the key features of 5G that could transform your business and many of the things we do every day.

Latency is the time taken for a command to be issued by a device and for the response to be received. Although in 4G latency is only a fraction of a second – counted in milliseconds – it’s still too high for many applications. 5G will reduce this latency timescale by a factor of up to 50, so responses to commands will be up to 50 times faster than before, taking business closer to real-time reactivity than ever before.

For applications like autonomous transportation or network-connected unmanned flight for example, a reduction in the latency and the reaction time of a system is vital if the technology is to be viable, and 5G gets us there.

The 5G infrastructure and technology offers the ability to simultaneously connect devices and sensors to offer services that were previously impossible because latency was too high, and capacity was too low.

Some industries will be transformed by 5G. Think of the possibilities presented in healthcare. Things like remote surgery become possible, even using robotic surgeons. Wearable medical devices linked to networks could offer instantaneous reaction and treatment for ailments of all kinds. Game developers can develop faster and more reactive gaming propositions giving gamers instantaneous feedback on their decisions and movements. Combined with wearable technology, the possibilities are limited only by the developer’s imagination.

For your business, 5G represents the ability to transform your customer offering. Your products and services could be interlinked across the internet, offering your clients a level of responsiveness or service that they never dreamed was possible.

For your workforce too, 5G could herald a new approach to the working week. We’re already seeing trends away from traditional 9-to-5 working in favour of making the most of each individual’s productive times and circumstances. 5G could enhance this further by allowing your workers to be fully connected and virtually present in the workplace so they can access systems and files without delay, frustration or limits on files sizes that we see all too often in pre-5G WiFi and mobile networks.

Your business may choose to hire workers that are better suited to the work you need done but who are not located near your traditional working location. The enhanced connectivity means that remote workers present a more viable proposition and you can be more flexible with your workforce. Studies have already shown that increased workforce flexibility can result in marked improvements in engagement and productivity.

In these early days of the 5G revolution, it’s still difficult to say what the impact will be for every business, but the future is bright and it’s fast – very fast.


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