Retail has a strong future with strong broadband

Installing a good broadband connection in the retail sector has many benefits, some of them not immediately obvious to your retail customers.

Sure, there is the desire from customers to be connected 24-7 and to be able to hook up to a strong connection when their mobile data doesn’t work inside large buildings, but there are lots of reasons why high-quality broadband is and will become vital in retail, lurking beneath the surface.

Recent developments and enhancements in processing power, bandwidths and machine learning have all contributed to the creation of new and exciting opportunities for the retail industry. The fastest connections will allow your small retail business to access technologies that a slower or less stable connection would not allow.

Your broadband connection opens opportunities to reduce costs using IP or VOIP phone systems, to take advantage of real-time cloud accounting software and card payment gateways that previously may have been more hassle than they were worth.

While as a retail business, you might be looking at the advancement of online retail and seeing the demise of your physical store, there are lots of benefits that having a strong link to the internet can bring to your shop.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the ability to pivot a business and exploit new sales channels is hugely important. The Coronavirus pandemic saw small retailers everywhere pivoting to online sales to keep their stock in front of their customers and keep sales coming in, in some form or another. In online trading, the playing field is a little more even. You have the opportunity to present your stock in the same way as the bigger players and the toolsets available for creating online stores make a professional result much easier than it used to be. Your strong broadband connection allows you take full advantage of that, and metaphorically ‘keep your doors open’.

Your connection can also become a smart connection allowing you to compete with some of the bigger players. You can link your point of sale equipment, your stock control system, and your suppliers more easily if you have the digital links required.

Future developments will see individual stock items like clothing, being electronically tagged, so you can develop direct reports about what clothing people like to take to your fitting rooms most often, what styles appeal and what sizes are most likely to be put back.

Links to RFID chips on items and location tracking can help reduce losses due to theft and your physical security can get a boost too. Web-accessible video monitoring of your premises becomes possible, allowing to have a continual view of your store’s security no matter where you are and what time of day it is.

These are just some of the ever-increasing list of benefits that the retail sector can see from having a superfast, strong, reliable broadband connection – something that every business should be aiming for.


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