Remote Working

For modern businesses, remote working has become a hot topic. In 2020 we learned just how much is possible if we have the right digital connections and strategies and how flexible we can be if we trust our staff to get on with the work they need to do.

Remote working is likely to stay a popular subject for the future. It provides a flexibility that many employees and business owners have been looking for but were never able to achieve. Freelancers have been showing the way in remote working for many years now, but they still form a minority of colleagues for most businesses and so this has always been seen as a minority approach to working, often misunderstood by office-based colleagues.

While it’s unlikely that some sectors like manufacturing and retail will ever be able to fully benefit from the positives that remote working can bring, there remains a significant proportion of the economy that looks set to capitalize on remote working as a viable proposition for the future. Remote working can help you reduce the footprint of your company in physical terms. You may no longer need desk and office space for every employee, potentially reducing your office rental costs.

Removing the commute from staff could have a profound effect on their happiness, energy levels, productivity and their individual carbon footprints.

Even before 2020, statistics were showing that the number of people working from home for example, was rising steadily with the largest increases in the East Midlands and the South East of England, and in Scotland.

Of course, remote working is not just about working from home. Remote workers can be anywhere – that’s the nature of being remote from your base. But one thing they have in common is the need for a robust digital connection to the business base, whether by landline broadband or mobile data connectivity. Just as the digital age has facilitated the rise in the viability of remote working, so has the need for better and more capable connections driven the investment in infrastructure.

How will your business embrace remote working? Will you benefit from it? Could your employees benefit from working remotely? Do you have the communications and infrastructure to capitalise on the benefits it could bring? These are all questions that most business owners will ask themselves in the coming months and years, so take a look at your business and see if there’s an advantage for you in embracing the remote working revolution.


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