Keeping your customers connected with guest wifi

How many times have you been to a café, a restaurant or a hotel and wondered just who thought up their WiFi solution? Today, people want and indeed expect, to be able to connect to the internet in almost every location. Having a good, solid and fast guest WiFi connection is becoming more important for businesses everywhere and can be a deciding factor for customers in some sectors.

Take hotels as a great example. If a hotel has no guest WiFi connection, it’s unlikely to receive much in the way of business custom. If they have a WiFi connection but it’s slow or throttles usage, it’s also unlikely to be seen as a positive reason for choosing that hotel. Business travellers rely heavily on being able to connect to their home base and to communicate with their clients and colleagues when they’re on business trips and so the importance of allowing them to remain connected when they use your facility cannot be overstated. In many cases, your business reputation relies upon it.

Customers who were more stressed when they left your establishment because they couldn’t see an important email, or were unable to receive business messages, are unlikely to be happy customers, and unhappy customers don’t tend to come back. Indeed, they tend to tell other people how unhappy they are.

Guest WiFi is also a sensible network security precaution. As a customer you’ll notice that when you scan for a network with your mobile device, you often see more than one network relating to the location you’re in. That’s because, aside from the connection benefits for customers, it’s a sensible security precaution for the business to separate guest internet access from internal network and employee internet access. The separation ensures that business data is never accessible or compromised by guest activities on the same network.

There are a multitude of solutions available for implementing your guest WiFi solution, so think carefully about what is important for your customers and your business before you decide which solution to go for. Considerations like whether guest WiFi access should be free and whether you want or need to gather personal data from your customers when they connect should help you narrow down your options and refine your offering to match your guests’ needs and expectations.

Keeping your guests connected when they need to be shows your guests how much you value their custom. A stress-free experience means you’re getting it right and they’ll keep coming back.


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