Broadband in hospitality; good connections are good for business

For many business sectors, broadband internet connectivity is vital, but the quality of the connection can also be a business boost depending on your sector.

We know already that the ability to store and back up data and files remotely in the cloud is a benefit to more or less every modern business, but a superfast broadband connection opens up new and exciting opportunities for sectors right across the business spectrum.

For the hospitality sector, it’s becoming more and more important to be properly plugged in with a high-quality broadband connection.

The year 2020 has been brutal for most hospitality businesses in one form or another. These businesses know only too well how tough life can be and many are already aware of the importance of good quality broadband, and how they can use it to attract and maintain customers.

Hotel owners need to provide guest Wi-Fi access nowadays or guests, especially business guests, are likely to look elsewhere. Location is now just not enough to persuade people to stay in your hotel.

Business guests are increasingly looking for a connection as reliable and fast as they receive at home or in the office and so they will increasingly ignore hotels where they cannot continue to work at the times that suit them when they are on business trips. Slow connections, file size limitations and patchy Wi-Fi signals all make it impossible to reliably operate from a hotel room during a stay and to make those now all-important video conference calls.

Similarly, bars and restaurants should be ensuring they can offer reliable easy-to-access Wi-Fi with a decent bandwidth. Our reliance on mobile devices for almost everything we do means that the average customer now expects to be able to connect to a strong Wi-Fi signal, for free, and to be able to send and receive messages without any trouble online. It has become part of how people socialise and if an establishment is not able to provide the connection customers are looking for, then like business travellers, there is a risk that some custom may just move elsewhere.

Viewing sport online has also become a mainstream activity and increasingly, hospitality venues are receiving their sport streams online, making it imperative that they have a stable and good quality broadband connection to avoid embarrassing interruptions at crucial moments during sports events that will leave their customers wondering why they bothered coming out for that drink.

Much like hospitality venues, sports clubs have an increasing reliance on stable, high bandwidth broadband connections to allow them to stream private games or sports reruns to audiences in their clubs. Having a good connection that customers and members know is reliable will allow them to come along to your venue when they know they have work to do, or when they want to see a live event at the same time.

For many sports clubs, especially those where parents may bring children and stay for extended periods during their child’s activities, a strong Wi-Fi connection becomes important to allow parents and guardians to bring the children along and still be able to continue their work if necessary.

As our reliance on a good 24-7 internet connection for our mobile devices continues to grow, the need to offer that as a service in the hospitality sector becomes ever stronger. Ignore it at your peril.


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