Benefits of SIP trunks

With the upcoming switch to a fully digital telecommunications infrastructure, it’s never been more important to understand the technologies that we are all going to rely on for our basic business services in the future. One business basic that is rapidly changing, in the background at least, is telephony. Our telephone systems are fundamentally changing to use different technologies and to leverage benefits from the digital age.

Most of us know what IP and VOIP technologies are, or at least what they offer us, but other technologies are being utilised and accelerating the switch away from the traditional ISDN-based phone network. One such technology is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking.

SIP trunking converts your voice into a data signal that can be digitally transmitted across the internet, allowing you to make and receive calls and it is becoming a standard industry protocol for implementing phone systems and connecting phone networks using the internet.

So, what are the benefits that are driving this change?

The primary gain is the cost benefit of using SIP trunks since you can agree a service level with a specialist provider for a hosted voice (VOIP) phone service and pay only for what you need and use. For larger companies, SIP trunking now means that there is no need to have a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) on site with all its associated maintenance costs. The connection to the public network is achieved over the internet instead, allowing you to maintain a single data network providing all your voice and data needs.

SIP trunking removes the geographical limitations associated with having large telephone exchanges and can be scaled up or down in size according to your business needs, meaning you never need to pay for capacity that you never use.

Because the telephone exchange is now virtual, you can also have a telephone number for any part of the country or the world since your number is no longer physically restricted by your local exchange. This means you can move your business from one town to another or even from one country to another and never have to change your phone number – a great advantage for your customers.

Business continuity is a subject that is set to take centre-stage over the next few years as more and more business impacts become evident. SIP trunking allows even the smallest business to have telecommunications features that can help you if you need to move your business or pivot your operations if something unexpected happens. You might need to move some workers to home-working or remote working, for example, and SIP trunking allows you to do that by facilitating the re-routing of calls to other destinations when you need it to.


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