Benefits of dedicated internet access and leased lines

If your business is heavily reliant on internet access and you’re finding your current connection to be more of a headache than you’re willing to deal with, maybe you should consider a dedicated internet connection. Dedicated internet access offers a number of benefits that a traditional internet connection just can’t deliver.

When you have a standard broadband internet connection like the connection you would have at home, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) connects you to the internet using the same connection lines and server infrastructure for many different customers. Broadband is shared amongst the many different users connected to it and so you suffer from issues related to the weight of internet traffic, like reduced bandwidth and speed at peak times and throttled upload speeds.

Having dedicated internet access offers you a private connection: your own dedicated connection with none of the impacts of having to share a line. Your own dedicated line will offer you a fixed bandwidth with synchronized download and upload speeds. This means that if you have a 1 Gbps connection for downloads, you’ll also have a 1 Gbps upload speed. For domestic use, upload speed is not generally a limiting factor, but for business use, when you rely on cloud apps, remote storage, VOIP call systems and have remote workers in other locations, upload speed becomes a critical factor in your internet configuration.

When looking at your dedicated internet access and leased line options, you can consider what bandwidth you need for your business and select a contract accordingly. Better throughput of data on your own private connection can improve and prevent issues like latency and packet loss, problems we see all too frequently on standard broadband connections. You’ll also never be restricted to the amount of data you can move around. A dedicated internet connection will offer you unlimited access.

Since your internet connection is important to your business, a dedicated internet connection allows you to have a defined service level agreement with your ISP, often with much better response times and guarantees of up-time and availability.

Sure, dedicated internet access comes at a price: a higher price than standard broadband, but you get so much more for your money. The connection, even at the same advertised speeds will invariably be faster because you’re not sharing the connection with others. Since you’re not lost in the mists of a standard shared connection, you can rightly expect much better and more responsive customer service from your ISP.

As your business grows and needs more bandwidth and capacity, you can negotiate this increase with your ISP, allowing your dedicated internet access to scale and flex to suit your changing business needs.

A dedicated connection is also more secure, making your network safer and less exposed. Your network is directly connected to your ISP, with no connections in between.

As you can see, dedicated internet access has many benefits and very few downsides. Yes, it’s more expensive in general than standard shared broadband, but as a business owner, you need to weigh that cost up against the significant benefits you’ll see to decide if a dedicated internet connection is the right move for your business.


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